What Happens When We Book A Session?

We believe in the importance of photography as an artform that is important and valuable. As such we have taken the time to carefully consider how to bring that value to you as a client. And how do we do that? We begin with the end in mind. Before we shoot a single image we develop a plan for how the photos will be displayed in your home or establishment. Afterall, images are meant to be exhibited and this is the reason you have commissioned a professional. Creating a plan and shooting for that plan will result in the best possible outcome for your creative vision. Let's get those photos off your hard drive and on your wall where they really belong.

Step 1: The Consultation

First, let's lay out your goals. From what to wear to how images will be displayed, color design, location planning and look and feel of the session, the pre-consultation will help us create a roadmap for your session and help me plan for how to shoot. I will elaborate on my process and happily answer any questions you may have. Your shoot will be planned with consideration for what is true to you. Consultations are generally conducted by phone. During the consultation I will also ask you about the vibe of your home or business so that I can previsualize your asthetic.

Step 2: The Shoot

This is the reason I became a photographer. I love to use my creativity to highlight people in authentic moments and to help you be yourself in front of the camera. During the shoot I draw upon my experience to help clients feel as comfortable as possible with the goal of making it a fun experience for everyone involved. Most shoots last between 30 minutes to an hour, around golden hour if possible and we shoot until I know that we have acheived what we set out to capture in the consultation. Whenever possible I prefer to work with flattering, available light so that we can move freely throughout our environment.

Step 3: Viewing & Ordering

Once the photos are ready you will receive an invitation to view the proofs and consider your choices for art selection. These days life is busy and we make it easy to place your order. No need to arrange an appointment or take time out of your schedule. Simply choose from one of three collection options and browse your personal online shop to utilize your print credit. Once you've chosen your collection we will send a password to download the digital negatives. Specializing in wall series framing and print options plus heirloom albums the pieces I've chosen have all been carfeully curated to be unique and captivating options for exhibition. 

Step 4: Delivery

About 3-4 weeks after you place your order, your art selections will be delivered to your door ready to be displayed. Once those gorgeously framed artworks are hanging in your space you can sit back and enjoy them for years to come. Polish the coffee table and lay out your brand new album with pride. And with the future in mind the next time you work with me I will create art that coordinates with sessions past so that you can build on what we've already established. Whether it comes to your family or your brand, Barry Hackett Photography is ready to bring your vision to life.

Session Pricing

$200 | Session Fee Due Upon Signing Does Not Include Digitals or Prints

The creative session fee is $200 and formally reserves your appointment and covers the pre-session consultation, your portrait session, post processing and preparation of your images as well as personalized consultation and support throughout the ordering process. It does not include any prints, products or digital files.

Shortly after our session has been completed you will receive an email containing an invitation to preview the images in your gallery. At this point you may choose from one of three collections as shown below.