Family Photography

Memories are made up of moments, and one of the things that I love best about my role as a family photographer is being able to help my clients capture more of those moments.

Families change and grow over the years (the days are long but the years are short!) and one regret that many parents have is not taking more pictures at each age and stage of their family's growth. Before you know it, your toddler is heading off to school, then college, then down the aisle. These big moments and all the little ones in between are the fabric of our lives. Don’t let too many of these milestones pass you by without commemorating them through photographs. All too soon, you'll be looking back on these photos and thinking "how quickly they've grown."

A family photo session is the ultimate gift that you can give yourself as a family. These photos will hang on the walls of your home, fill your photo albums, and become keepsakes that you hold onto. They provide a touchstone to return to again and again, taking on new meaning, emotion, and nostalgia as the years pass.

As a photographer who specializes in family photography, I would love to help you tell the story of your family. My approach is to document and bring out what's there, from each person's unique personality to your overall dynamic as a family. Whether it’s a photoshoot to mark a big occasion, like the arrival of a new baby or a graduation ceremony, or a photoshoot that captures what’s special about your everyday life, I use all the tools in my photographer’s arsenal (composition, light, landscape) to create timeless keepsakes that your family will cherish for years to come.

Who am I? I’m Barry Hackett, a visual storyteller with an eye for all things photographic and cinematic. I specialize in hand tailored images that explore the capabilities of creative expression, and I look to find the harmony in the convergence of past and present—which is a big part of what draws me to photography.

I’d love to connect and plan a session with you and your family! You can check out my family photography gallery here and reach out to me here.


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