Maternity Photographer

A maternity photoshoot expresses the hope and joy of awaiting a new life

The time when you are waiting to welcome a new life into the world is a magical moment, and all too fleeting. Never again will the world look quite the same as it did when your home and life were about to be transformed by the arrival of your baby.

Treasure this time, and mark it with a maternity photoshoot that records everything leading up to the birth of your baby: the hope, intensity, imagination, faith, and love that produced a new life. These special images will become your family’s treasures, to be admired again and again over the years, not just by you but by your children and future generations to come.

One of the best things about being a photographer is sharing in these special moments with expectant parents and using my skills as a visual storyteller to capture this time when they are literally aglow with hope, happiness, and possibility.

Lighting, composition, setting, props—these are all part of my photographer’s toolkit, but the magic only comes alive when the subject (that’s you) is an integral part of the process. That’s why each of my sessions is unique and customized to each client, so that your photos are a reflection of everything that makes you and your baby one of a kind. I work with you to put together a memorable and meaningful experience that is not only a fun way to spend a day but becomes part of your family’s evolving history.

Further down the road, I can continue documenting your family’s special memories as your children grow, with family photography and portrait photography that preserve precious moments in time.

I’d love to connect and plan a session with you! You can reach out to me here.


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