Portrait Photography

A portrait is much more than an image of you. It’s a moment in time, an expression of your personality, and a keepsake that you will carry with you on your journey through life.

People often seek out portraits to mark a special occasion, such as a graduation, wedding, milestone birthday, or other significant life event. This is a beautiful way to honor yourself and commemorate your unique life experience. However, you don’t need a special reason to have your portrait taken. Some of my favorite sessions have been with clients who just wanted to celebrate themselves with a gorgeous photo shoot and a day that was all about them.


Each portrait session is special and exciting to me. It’s a chance to play, to get to know you as an individual, and to explore the artistic choices that will capture you in all your complexity. The best portraits awaken something in both the subject and the viewer. They make you think and feel in a new way. This is one of my specialties: finding the light in each of my clients and bringing it out in their portrait.

I do this by ensuring that everything about the portrait session is inspired by the client, from the light and composition to the setting and props. You can view a portfolio of my portrait work here. I hope it inspires you to start thinking about the creative possibilities for your portrait.

I also offer family photography. Bring your spouse, kids, relatives, even close family friends to the portrait session and we'll work to create some lasting memories of your family. Just as you and I will work together in an individual session to bring out your uniqueness, we'll work with the entire family to make sure each person is represented and that the portraits capture the quirkiness, spirit, warmth, and love of your familial bond.


I’d love to connect and plan a session with you! You can reach out to me here.


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